Child Care Licensing

What does it mean that we are a state licensed program?  It means that we are routinely inspected by Commuity Care licensing analysts to ensure that our staff qualifications, facilty safety, and administrative practices meet those deemed adequate and appropriate for the children enrolled in our program.

However, because Community Care Licensing  principally deals with children who are in either institutional settings that have little in common with our program and facility or with in home daycare settings dedicated principally to infants and toddlers, inspecting our program is often an eye opening -- and sometimes confusing -- experience for visiting analysts. 

We make every effort to help each new visiting analyst understand what we are doing to be in compliance (off limits areas, plan of supervision, and age appropriate materials and activities).   And to explain how our program is aligned with "best practices" advocated by the NAEYC and other organizations dedicated to the the healthy development of children.  We also advocate for the fact that the needs of children in grades k-5 are vastly different than the needs of infants and  preschool-aged children. 

 We greatly appreciate the patience, understanding, and wisdom that most of our visiting analaysts bring to bear when inspecting our program and interacting with staff and children.  However, from time to time there are a few hiccups which may result in a citation.  Most often these are the result of a lack of communication about new regulations or differing interpretation of exisiting regulations.  And sometimes it is the result of conflicting information supplied by different analysts.  But sometimes the fault is entirely ours.  After all, we all make mistakes from time to time, despite our best efforts. But our commitment to the program and to the children means that we strive to be honest and compassionate with each other when challenges arise -- and to work together as a team to resolve them quickly.  The main goal is to learn and to make improvements that will prevent repetition in the future.



Note that it is very rare for Little Garden Patch to receive a citation.  However we will always notify parents if a citation is received.  Our goal is to be completely transparent with enrolled families and to provide the best experience possible for parents and children alike.

In addition to informing currently enrolled families about any licensing citations as they may arise, we are also required to keep newly enrolling parents apprised of any PAST licensing citations that have occurred within the last year of enrollment.

Therefore along with our other forms, parents will receive a form about licensing citations, if any have arisen.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.




Because we are a state licensed facility we are required to keep on file a number of forms which are directly dictated by community care licensing, even if it pertains to information that we will never have cause to use.  For example, we will never directly contact your child's pediatrician, but we are required to have his/her name and phone number on file. 

Thank you for your patience with this added paperwork.  Maintaining a positive working relationship with Community Care licensing allows our program to continue to serve your family and our local community.

And lastly, because we are required by the state to have your child's forms on file at the beginning of their visit on the first day of enrollment, please be sure to get all your forms in as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Because we are a state licensed child care program there are a number of health and safety related regulations that we must comply with that may be different from other community programs that you may have experience with. For example:

-We cannot have children under 5 years of age, as our lower age limit is set by licensing.

-We may only have one child at a time on the trampoline.

- Children may not enter "off limits" areas.

-Children who have experienced vomiting or diarrhea or high fever within 24 hours prior to their day of attendance must stay home.

-Children may not attend if they have had head lice within the last 48 hours.

- Children must have received all of the same immunizations required by public schools.  If your child is currently enrolled in a California public school then you need not provide us proof of immunization. 

- We may not give medications (even those sent from home) without a note from the parent that grants us permission to administer.

- Children must wear shoes when outdoors due to potential contact with hazards.


 Please understand that it is our goal to maintain compliance at all times with the licensing standards that have been communicated to us by our visiting analysts. We apologize for any inconvenience that our adherence to these regulations may create.  But we know that, just like us, our enrolled families want Little Garden Patch to continue to be an ongoing community resource.  Again, thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Community Care License #  444413332


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